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Lunch Menu - Gourmet Sandwiches by 'A Sweet Affair Bakery' of Danville

1) Turkey ~ Generous portions of freshly sliced turkey with cream cheese, avocado, cranberry sauce, sunflower seeds, Swiss cheese, sprouts, and lettuce. One bite and you will find yourself craving for more.

2) Chicken Salad ~ Heaping mounds of chicken salad made from chicken breast roasted in our own oven. Topped with cream cheese, avocado, cashews, sprouts, and lettuce

3) Vegetarian ~ Loaded up with fresh, crisp, cucumbers, bell peppers, cream cheese, avocado, cranberry sauce, sunflower seeds, Swiss cheese, sprouts, and lettuce.

4) Italian ~ Piled way too high with salami, ham, hot peppers, bell peppers, Swiss cheese, sprouts, lettuce, and some mayonnaise to hold it all together

5) Chicken Caesar ~ Crisp Romaine hearts, tossed with fresh chicken breasts, parmesan and caser dressing

6) Roast Beef ~ Some like it hot. Just the right amount of mayonnaise, golden spicy mustard, and horseradish to gear up your taste buds. Perfectly seasoned roast beef layered with some Swiss cheese, sprouts, and lettuce, to keep you from over heating.

7) Ham ~ Impeccable smoked ham, Swiss cheese, sprouts, lettuce, with a hint of mayonnaise and mustard. Ideal for when you want something light to eat.

​                                                                        Bread:​​​​


Multigrain- This is the one everyone is talking about….loaded with sunflower seeds and baked with love
100% Whole Wheat- Soft and Fluffy 100% whole wheat bread sweetened with honey and baked to perfection
Butter Crust- Soft and fluffy with butter melted right into the crust
Honey Corn- Soft and fluffy inside with a crunchy crust and hint of sweetness
Sesame Herb- Oregano, rosemary and dill help spice this bread up
Rye - The perfect blend of caraway.
French Roll - Sweet fresh bread baked to a light golden brown
Sourdough - Our customers favorite. A classic sourdough roll baked to perfection
Multigrain Roll - This one is killer - loaded with sunflower seeds and baked till the crust is nice and crunchy
Whole Wheat Roll - Sweetened with only honey, this roll is light, soft, and fluffy.




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